Why Choose a Modular Building for Your Healthcare Facility?

Once seen as a temporary measure, modular buildings are a fantastic way of extending or building new healthcare facilities, now that they have been designed to have a permanent stature. Unlike normal building regulations, health care facilities have to follow a more stringent and strict set of guidelines; therefore the buildings must comply to the highest standards of precision, integrity and quality in construction.

Ever changing government policies is not the only restriction on the building of new healthcare facilities, it is also the budget which tremendously limits what can be done. Hospitals across the UK, including the Hull Royal Infirmary have taken advantage of modular buildings as they are proven to be the most effective way of expansion and development. This is because the building can be delivered on time and on budget.

Summary of key reasons why you should consider a portable building:

  • Modular buildings are highly flexible and therefore can be built to any required size, even with multiple storeys. Also, if you need to make changes to your building at a later date, these buildings offer you the flexibility to do this.
  • They have been found to deliver a finished product up to 50% faster than traditional buildings. This because they are pre-fabricated in factories, meaning that they are not affected by things that will slow or hinder the projects such as bad weather.
  • The fact that they are built in a factory off-site results in less disruption to your patients and staff whilst you expand your plot.
  • You could accommodate new operating theatres, diagnostic facilities, wards, sterile areas, A&E departments, out-patient facilities, large open waiting rooms, and even reception areas. Therefore modular buildings could be the answer to all your hospital needs.
  • The buildings can be planned so that you are able to have sensitive specialist treatment rooms, which cater for laser eye surgery, operating theatres and ultrasound scanning.
  • The floors in the buildings can be designed so that they meet the criteria for specialist equipment’s that are used in hospitals.
  • All manufactured buildings for hospitals are built to meet the most rigorous regulations.
  • Your building could either be seamlessly linked to an existing facility, or it could stand alone.

No other construction method can compete with the level of efficiency that modular buildings continually deliver. So if you want a building which complies to strict healthcare regulations, causes a minimum level of disruption, and can be delivered on time and on budget, you should look no further than a modular building.

What’s the Difference Between a Temporary and Permanent Building?

The quick answer to this is one can be used temporarily and one can’t, but unless you are leasing space off-site how can a building be used temporarily? The answer is that it all comes down to the design, specification and construction process of a building. Bricks and mortar creates permanence, lightweight metals create temporary usage.

Temporary buildings are called as such because they can be hired. So, a building would turn up on your site, be installed by the supplier, a hire agreement signed and then the building removed at the end of the period. Temporary buildings vary in design and use, but the overriding similarity is that they are manufactured off-site, which makes them prefabricated as well as temporary!

Not all prefabricated buildings can be hired though. Many steel structures are manufactured at the factory but can only be purchased as they need considerable ground- preparation and offer a long-term solution akin to a permanent building.

Temporary buildings usually fall into two different types. Modular cabin type structures that arrive as a complete finished ‘box’ and are literally craned into place onto some basic type of foundation. Or, an industrial temporary building that comes almost like a ‘flat-pack’ with the frame ready to be craned into place section by section. The former is often used for public facilities such as offices or classrooms. The latter is more industrial use including warehousing, workshop space or loading cover.

These industrial temporary buildings are very different to a permanent industrial building in many ways. The design is minimal; in fact you could call them ‘off-the-shelf’. There is a choice of materials but they are basic offering varying levels of insulation. Although coloured wall and roof panels are available to fit in with corporate branding or planning requirements, the aesthetics are not really top of the agenda. Most of the time they don’t need any kind of ground preparation as they can be constructed onto existing level ground. And although they can legitimately be used long-term or even instead of a permanent building, they may need wall and roof panels replacing over time.

It’s the minimalist design and simple construction process of these industrial temporary buildings that obviously create significant savings in terms of time and cost. When compared like for like to a new build you could easily shave 6 months off a project and save up to 70% in upfront costs.That doesn’t mean that they are suitable for every application though. Heating a building is now a hot topic, literally! Energy efficiency is vital and a temporary building being heated around the clock could not stand up to the efficiencies of a traditional building. It is for this reason that the use does remain predominantly industrial.

Lastly, the difference between a temporary and permanent building doesn’t always come down to physical attributes but rather business objectives, available resource and sometimes personal preference.

So there are a lot of differences in material, construction methods and how they are used but in the challenging business world of today it’s good to have the choice.

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Why Pattaya is a Great Place for a Holiday

You should know that Pattaya is the second most visited city in Thailand after Bangkok. You should know that the city was actually known for its nightlife and also the after-hours culture. But, there are many more that you can enjoy during your holidays. A great thing with this city is that there are various places that you can visit like the discos, go-go bars, restaurants and many others which can offer you an exotic cuisine, enjoyment and also vibrant partying. Also, there are quiet beaches that you can go to. You can also find a very modern lifestyle in the unique Thai culture. If you are interested about spending the holidays in Pattaya City, Thailand, then you should know that there is really something for everyone. The tourism industry in this city and country is really growing steadily since there are many improvements that can be found. The public transport is quite strong and there are also accommodations which are able to provide luxury and budget experiences.

If you want to know when is the best time to visit, you must know that Pattaya has typical tropical climate and the place is warm and humid. But, between the months of February and November, you can find cool breezes that make the city quite pleasant to be in. This is the most excellent time of the year for visiting the city.

Know that there are really so many attractions that you can find in Pattaya. The beaches are actually the main attractions particularly if you love the sun. When you like to just lie on the sand and enjoy sunbathing, then you can do this. You must know that there are many activities that you can enjoy like parasailing, jet skiing, diving as well as snorkeling. You can find many interesting things that you will be able to do in the beaches of Pattaya. But, there is so much more to do even if you have had your feel of the sand, sea and sun. You can have a good Pattaya tourist guide that can guide you to the many attractions that you can visit based on your preference and taste. There are restaurants and bars that are serving exotic local drinks and cuisine and these are worth a try.
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You may also visit the shopping malls and the markets so that you can have a fun nightlife. If you like to party, you can enjoy walking the streets and there are lots of international restaurants and go-go clubs to go to. Moreover, you can find that famous floating market where you will be able to find local products for souvenirs.
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For your accommodation, there are many hotels and resorts that you can surely find. You can start looking for things that you would like to know through the internet and find the best accommodation for you.

The First Block in Any Business Building Endeavor

The point of business in general is to serve customers. A customer is a person who purchases goods or services and recompenses the provider, in some acceptable form or fashion, for those items obtained. If you happen to be a businessman who is into the latest craze of affiliate marketing, you can have a business without maintaining any of your own personal goods or services to provide, but you can’t have a business without having customers. If you happen to be in the personal services business you can potentially maintain a business without having any other employees except yourself. In fact, you can even have a business without any suppliers if you happen to have products you grow or create yourself. You can be in a business without owners, in the traditional sense of ownership by employees or stockholders, and if you have a monopoly on the market you might even have a business without any competitors. But, even without goods, services, other employees, suppliers, owners, or competitors, you simply cannot have a business without a customer. This is the basis behind the phrase “the customer is always right”, and the reason why the customer always comes first in any successful business model.

If you plan to sell more goods or services to your customers, you’ll need to acquire more supplies and suppliers. If you plan to develop your business to serve more customers, employees will become an essential part of that development. As the business grows and expands, more employees will eventually force you to consider adding structure, a hierarchy of reporting and supervision. This, in turn will also obligate you to consider establishing ownership in order to develop your employees and motivate them to become a part of the business’ success. With growth, and definitely additional goods and services, you’ll obviously enter new markets previously considered fringe areas. These new areas might have existing competitors, or you may even entice new competitors to enter your market who see your success and desire a part of it. No matter how small your company remains, or how large it grows and develops, the business will not exist without customers.

Keeping this in mind, any business should be focused upon, and built around the customer. All decisions made concerning the future and well-being of the business should be completed with the customer at the forefront of the resulting judgment. Without this consideration, any business will eventually, without exception, end up failing. All successful businesses that have managed to remain in existence, and even those that have developed into large organizations, have the customer in the center of their business model. This is the first block in any business building endeavor.